Minecraft Under Sea

Why is Minecraft so popular?

Minecraft has gathered immense popularity over the recent years and has made millions of people to turn on their screens to play every day. The game is known for being one of the best-selling video games of all time. In this article, you will have a look at the main reasons why Minecraft rose much popularity.

Since 2009, people of every age have been playing Minecraft, many of them becoming addicted. Over 33 million people have bought the game on PC and Mac, with another purchase every few seconds. A lot of people play this game on IOS and Android. People also play on consoles like play station and Xbox.

How Minecraft Game Works

Minecraft is made up of blocks like blocks of dirt etc., and the game is pixelated. This game is about survival, but there is a choice that you can choose survival in which you have to gather resources to build a house, search for food and hide from the monsters that come at night. Users can also choose to play in creative mode, in which players have infinite resources and can fly to make fantastic buildings. Users can also switch to multiplayer mode, in which gamers can play with their friends online.

It is filled with achievements and discovers different biomes and animals. First, the players have to chop down trees to make a crafting table to create a pickaxe, an axe, and a sword. With the pickaxe, the players will mine stone and then upgrade the tools, and when they get iron, they can make armor, which will protect the players from monsters. Users can use Anvils to perform various activities such as combining and repairing their tools and weapons. Then they get better materials, and the best one is diamonds. Still, there is a massive list of stuff to discover in Minecraft, which takes a lot of time. You can choose different difficulty levels, such as hardcore, in which if the player dies, it will delete the whole progress in that server.

What is the Minecraft Plot?

Now you might be wondering that what is the main goal of Minecraft? Well, the main goal is to find diamonds and explore everything in the game world. Users have to complete all the achievements and get some stuff such as armors or tools to end the game. Finally, users have to defeat the two bosses called the “Wither Boss” and the “Ender Dragon”.

Users can defeat the wither boss when they have full diamond armor and tools and visit the Nether. The Ender Dragon is meant to be beaten at the very end. When users defeat that boss, the game ends, but they can continue playing and exploring more.

Minecraft World

Why so many people play Minecraft?

One of the biggest things that makes Minecraft popular is making people famous in real life. So, this raises the question that how are people becoming famous? They can choose to play in creative in which they can make brilliant things like stuff from real life such as castles, houses, working stuff like phones with Redstone’s help. With Redstone and other things like pistons, users can make automatic doors and make working computers and phones.

Another thing that makes Minecraft so popular is its survival mode. Players mine for metals, crystal, build defenses and fight off beasts that come during the night in Survival Mode. Minecraft has impressive stuff like its monsters that they call “Mobs.” There are many mobs like creepers and zombies etc. Some mobs are friendly like cows, sheep’s and chickens, etc. and there is also a shop which is like an item shop in which you can buy skins or accessories for a currency called Mine coins.

Minecraft Under Sea

As we already talked about, people are making stuff in creative mode. There’s also a feature called maps in which there are games or events like challenges. Now there’s another feature called mods. Mods are like items that people create on their own such as different types of lucky blocks. There are also mods for buildings that can spawn randomly in game world. People use mods in their in-game maps or use it in survival series on their YouTube channels.

Mojang (Minecraft Developing Company) has its shop where they have its merchandise like clothes, pillows, mugs, dolls, toys, etc. They have an event called Minecon that they conduct every year. In this event, Minecraft players meet, play, enjoy and show off their skills, and Mojang shares their plans for future updates.
So now you know why Minecraft is so popular. It is just a game with pixelated graphics and a big infinite world to explore alone and build awesome stuff. Because of this, Minecraft is the most played video game, most people stream live playing on YouTube, and it’s the best-selling game of all time.