Brand Identity

tips to make your brand Recongized

If you want your small business to be more profitable and recognized in the market then here is all what you need to know!!! Every entrepreneur wants to own a successful and gainful business, but it’s not always clear how to get there. To be successful and have profitable business, it is important that every business should invest resources and time in building a solid and well-structured Brand Identity.

What is brand identity?

Just like your personal identity makes you unique, similarly your brand identity is the special aspect of your business that sets your business apart from every other. Brand identity is the collection of all elements of marketing and indicates the way a business presents itself to its customers.

The Brand Identity is formed and communicated at all times: through promotional messages, products, customer feedback and online communications. The main purpose of Brand Identity is to create Brand awareness, or to allow the customer to feel safe, to create good image by quality and reliability by viewing the brand. A well reputable Brand Identity on the market is the major fundamental to be successful.

The 5 distinctive elements of brand identity:

The Brand Identity is considered by some key elements to determine that customers will typically approach the brand during the purchasing process.

1. Brand name:

The brand name is utmost element that is easily memorized by customers. Therefore, when choosing a brand name, it is important to create a name that is easy to remember and pronounce.

2. Logo and color scheme:

The logo is the distinguishing element of a brand’s excellence. It is the use of graphic symbols that visually categorise the company and discriminate it from its competitors. The logo also stances out from the competition through the colors, as the choice of colors is vital to stimulate the right feelings and sensations leading the customers to trust the brand blindly.

3. Slogan:

The slogan, which is also known as payoff, is a quick and short phrase related with the logo. The main purpose of this short phrase is to communicate the company’s morals with the consumers to make them understand the brand message. The slogan must arouse emotions and sensations to remain lastingly in the customer’s perceptions.

4. Company mission and vision statements:

Brand Identity depends on two important internal factors of the business:

  • Business mission: It means to implement practical activities in order to accomplish the sales, communication and marketing objectives aimed by the brand.
  • Business vision: It is the objective and the basic idea that a business sets itself to influence the sales, communications and marketing activities of the brand.

5. Product features and packaging:

One of the main elements to create solid brand identity are the product features and packaging. Moreover, the appearance of a product is necessary to create a great impression for customers. Meaning that the colorful, resistant and tidy packaging will likely captivate the customers to make purchases than that of an ordinary packaging.

3 steps to create your brand identity

The 3 essential tips to create brand identity are;

1. Identifying the target audience:

To best structure the brand identity, it is important to analyse the target audience that the business wants to address. To present the brand at its finest position and communicate a positive and accomplishing message, it is compulsory to carry out a market research.

From market research the business will be able to know the needs of the customers, identify personalized and effective communications, tastes and preferences of the customers and understand how to distinguish the business from the competitors by enhancing the unique features of your brand.

2. Use of brand name and logo to make the business recognized:

Brand Identity passes through Visual Branding, meaning the identity of a brand is greatly influenced by its logo and the name. Logo and name are the two most significant elements of the brand, which will be remembered by the customers at first sight.

Therefore, for this reason it is important to pay attention to the use of the brand name and logo in every business.  corporate and promotional communication. Hence, businesses should use slogans, logos and color schemes to communicate effectively and create brand identity.

3. Define your brand’s tone of voice with customers

The last and final tip to successfully develop a brand identity is to plan the brand promotions and messages for the customers. The Tone of Voice is a ultimate portion of the brand identity, therefore, it must be defined in a clear way to communicate well with customers.