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TOP 5 Best Foods To Try In Lahore – Pakistan

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and is also the federal capital of Punjab. Lahore is also known as the cultural heart of Pakistan. It lies 811 miles (1,305 km) northeast of Karachi in the upper Indus plain on the Ravi River, a tributary of the Indus. Little is known of the history of the settlement prior to the Muslim period. Hindu legend attributes the founding of Lahore to Lava, or Loh, son of Rama, for whom it is said to have been named Lohawara. The city of “Labokla” mentioned in Ptolemy’s 2nd-century Guide to Geography may have been Lahore. The city is famous for its large diversity of Food Gems. It is famous about Lahore that “Jinnay Lahore nai vekhaya o jamya nai” (you haven’t been born yet if you haven’t seen Lahore).

Following are some famous food gems of Lahore which will leave your tongues mouth watering.

Jedda Lassi

Jedda Lassi is located in interiod (andhroon) Lahore and is famous not only in Pakistan but all around the world. The name of the owner is Malik Jawad and is popularly known as Jedda. This famous lassi (Punjabi yogurt–based beverage) is made with fresh milk and yougurt of his own dairy farm cows. This lassi is extremely thick and people are so crazy for his lassi. To buy this lassi you have to wait for a long time because there is a long row of people who are there to buy it. Jedda lassi was started in 1977. The lassi is available for just 2-3 hours in whole day.

PricePKR 150
AddressAwami Bazar Lahore
Our Rating10/10

Butt Karahi

Butt karahi was started in 1979. The name of the owner is Nadeem Butt. If you had visted Lahore and didn’t eat butt karahi than you just ate nothing. The karahi is made in pure butter. There is no match of this karahi not only in Pakistan but also all around the world. This famous karahi will leave your tongues mouth watering. In addition to that, special spices are added to this karahi which makes it unique. Branches of Butt karahi are opened almost all around Pakistan. There is no doubt to say that there is no match of Butt karahi.

AddressLakshmi Chowk, Lahore
Our Rating10/10

Saleem Butt Chanay

Saleem Butt Chanay are more than 18 years old and are one of the most delicious chanay in Lahore. They are basically mutton chanay served with boiled egg. There is no sitting area over here although there is a large number of people who are there to eat these chanay even standing on the roads. If you are really looking for a desi breakfast in Lahore than you must try this chanay. The mutton piece is so tender and juicy. Saleem Butt’s mutton chanay  breakfast are among the Lahore’s top 5 best Nan Chanay’s Breakfast.

PricePKR 1320
AddressAnarkali Bazar, Lahore
Our Rating9.5/10

Waris Nihari

Waris Nihari is more than 50 years old. It is one of the best chicken and beef Nihari in Lahore. Bone marrow is also added to this Nihari which makes it more unique and outclass. This Nihari shop is open from 6 am in the morning till 1 am at night. Special Tari is also added to this Nihari which makes it more delicious and yummy. There is not a proper sitting area for families available here. This Nihari is so good that you would always demand to try it again. You would truly like it if you eat it in the breakfast.

PricePKR 1,350
AddressAnarkali Bazar Lahore
Our Rating8/10

Shoka Kabab

Shoka Kabab was started in 1960 and is one of the best kebabs in Lahore. There are only chicken and beef kebabs available here. Moreover, these kababs are only available at night time, they are usually open from 6-7 pm and remain open till 1 am. The two amazing facts about shoka Kabab are that they are extremely juicy and also spicy. These kababs are served with chutney. Moreover, sitting area is also available here. You would never regret eating these kababs.

PricePKR 100
AddressBilal Ganj, Lahore
Our Rating7/10

Photo by Zach Khan Photography on Unsplash